Air Services

While ‘air services’ largely comprises domestic and international passenger flights and related aviation operations, as well as air freight and logistics, corporations, families and high net individuals are often more interested in chartered air services.

Chartered flights, as highly personalised, luxurious and convenient air services, give such passengers the space and flexibility they require for their corporate and/or personal travel arrangements.

But these air services are not just about getting from A to B without the hassles associated with ordinary air travel. They’re about security and privacy. Quality chartered flight operators pride themselves on discretion and trust.

For large corporate clients, an ongoing relationship with an air services provider is very important. Time is more valuable than anything. Executives often need to be agile in their movements. This can mean waking up in Sydney, flying to Melbourne and then shooting off to Singapore at a moment’s notice. Chartered air service arrangements can be put in place so that yes, at a moment’s notice, the aircraft is fuelled and ready for take-off.

If you’re looking to charter an aircraft for your family, your company or your clients, look for a national air services provider. Three worthy of consideration are JetCorp Australia, Light Jets Australia and Altitude Aviation.